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Sweden Information

Sweden is a modern and sophisticated country with much natural beauty and attractions.




Stockholm, Sweden ’s capital, is built on 14 islands linked by bridges and is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The Old Town has been preserved in its historic state, and is filled with interesting bars, restaurants and shops. There are also many museums, galleries and stylish cafes. In winter, it is one of the world’s best cities for ice skating. Vasa Museum showcases the Vasa warship that was sunk in 1628. The ship was salvaged in 1961 and has been lovingly restored. It is on display in the museum’s main hall. Other Stockholm Royal Palace , Museum of National Antiquities and Strindberg Museum . attractions include the City Hall,

The Stockholm Archipelago contains more than 24,000 islands and spectacular scenery.


Gothenburg, Sweden’s most important port, is a beautiful city with a stunning array of architecture. The city features many museums, cafes and restaurants. The Stadtsmuseum features the famous Äskekärr viking ship.


Apart from Gothenburg, the region of Götaland features spectacular castles, fine sandy beaches, the famous rock carvings of Vitlycke, the aqueduct at Håverud and elk safaris at the Hunneberg and Hanneberg Nature Reserve.

Gotland is the largest of the Baltic Islands. It contains fine beaches, small fishing villages, green countryside, medieval churches and a huge number of prehistoric sites. The city of Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sports a magnificent city wall with over 40 towers, and many medieval churches inside. The Cathedral of St. Maria is a highlight.


Norrland is the northern region of Sweden, much of it above the Arctic Circle. The area features the Midnight Sun, Northern Lights, dense forests, abundant wildlife, rivers, lakes, mountains and fjords. Rafting, dog sledding, skiing and canoeing are available. The Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi is built out of snow and left to thaw in the spring.


The Skåne region has much to offer, including rural scenery, beaches and historic sites, including many castles. Malmö, the main city in the area, has old town squares, historic streets and Malmöhus castle. Nearby Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest towns. Attractions include the Domkyrkan cathedral and the Kulturen Open Air Museum. The Dalby Söderskog National Park is nearby. Also in the region, the Stenshuvud National Park features marshes, woodland, beaches and an abundance of wildlife. Swimming, fishing, rock climbing and hiking are available at the Kulla peninsula. The town of Skillinge features the five-storey Glimmingehus castle.


Smaland features marshlands, lakes and historic sites. The town of Karlskrona is known for its naval architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island of Öland has beautiful beaches, an unspoiled natural habitat, cultural sites and abundant flora and fauna. The Eketorp ring fort dates from the 13th century. The town of Jönköping is very popular. Attractions include the Matchstick Museum and the Factory Museum. Kalmar Län is known for its glass factories, forests and quaint red houses.

 Driving in Sweden

While on your holiday, be careful to observe to road rules. The following is a brief explanation of Swedish road rules and conditions.