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Croatia Information


Croatia is a country in Southern Europe on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy. It is surrounded by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia in the east, and Montenegro to the south. Croatia is a country rich in history with many historical monuments, museums, churches and cathedrals.  The coast of the Adriatic Sea is a unique area of Europe perfect for cruising and enjoying all underwater sports.  There are many fascinating things to see in Croatia including the Chapel in Trogir with its 150 human figure sculptures on it, or the Leaning tower in Istria which stands 22 metres tall and is tilted by 40 centimetres.


    * Dalmatia - a strip of mainland and islands between the Mediterranean and Bosnia and Herzegovina
    * Istria - a peninsula in the northwest, bordering Slovenia
    * Kvarner - seashore and highlands north of Dalmatia
    * Slavonia - northeastern area of forests and fields, bordering Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
    * Central Croatia - north central highlands, location of Zagreb and the Croatian part of the Žumberak


    * Zagreb - the capital and largest city. Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and is rich in culture with many Theatres, Concert Halls, Museums, Galleries and Art Collections.  There are also many beautiful castles to visit in surrounding areas.
    * Dubrovnik - historic coastal city and UNESCO World Heritage site. Dubrovnik is a beautiful ancient city with its monumental walls and towers giving it a wonderful medieval feel.  There are many churches, monasteries, fountains and palaces to see or just relax on one of the many beaches.
    * Split - ancient port city with Roman ruins.
    * Pula - biggest town in Istria with the Roman amphitheater (commonly called Arena)
    * Osijek - capital of Slavonia and an important city.
    * Rijeka - Croatia's largest and main port
    * Varaždin - Croatia's former Baroque capital.
    * Zadar - biggest city of north-central Dalmatia with rich history

Other destinations

    * Omišalj - features many historic and cultural attractions, including the Parish church, that dates back to the 13th century, and ruins of the old Roman town of Fulvinium.
    * Omiš - coastal jewel built by the Pirots. Features historic churches and fortresses and a beautiful beach.
    * Ruskamen - a hamlet of the village of Lokva Rogoznica and an excursion destination southeast of Omiš. It has far-stretching pebble beaches along a forest of pine reaching the sea. On a prominent location there is a villa built in citadel-style, formerly the property of the Deskovic family. Close to it is a modern tourist complex.
    * Njivice - on the Island of Krk. A beach resort, it was once a small fishermen's village and is now a famous tourist centre today. They have a long tradition of private accommodation. The vegetation extends to the very sea and all the coast is one the large beach.
    * Krka National Park - a river valley near Šibenik
    * Island of Hvar - Gently rolling hills painted a brilliant purple by the fertile flowers, lush vineyards nestling at the foot of ragged mountains, gorgeous beaches with tiny inlets and secluded coves, luscious restaurants, boutiques, and a vibrant nightlife amidst the medieval streets of Hvar Town are just a few of the treats to enjoy on this dream of an island.
    * Island of Brac - a large island in the Adriatic sea, just off the coast of Split. In Landscape, Brac is similar to its well known neighbor Hvar with its rolling hills, pine and fig trees, isolate bays and clear water. Brac has two larger towns (Bol and Supetar) from where you can catch a ferry to Split/ Dubrovnik (from Supetar) or to Hvar (from Bol).
    * Vrbovec, a small town near Zagreb

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has included the following Croatian sites on its World Heritage List:

    * Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian
    * Old City of Dubrovnik
    * Plitvice National Park
    * Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Porec
    * Historic City of Trogir
    * The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik
    * Stari Grad Plain Island Hvar

Driving in Croatia

Drive Travel offers car hire and motorbike hire throughout the country. Click on our suppliers above for full details. The following is a guide to driving in Croatia.

Roads in Croatia are usually well maintained, but usually very narrow and full of curves. It's difficult to find a true